Under the Stained Sun

Under the Stained Sun

Under the Stained Sun is the name of the universe within which I am setting all of my short fiction and experimental work. It is intended to be a loosely-connected “mirror universe” to the world featured in my novel-in-progress, RAIN.

Soon, this page will include more details about this world and the characters featured.


Those born under the Stained Sun are the cursed ones. At least that’s what people say.

To be born with powers that cannot be explained, thoughts that will not go away, and desires that are impossible to satisfy. But only when the Stained Sun re-appears.

Many of the Stained turn insane. The others drift from place to place, outcasts from society. But there are a few who find something special within themselves, find a way to master their gifts.

These are the stories of the special few and the challenges they will face as the Stained Sun rises again.